Moving position of rotor arm, how do I find position again so truck will srart again.

I cannot find knock sensor location. 98 Frontier 4x4 with 4 cyl engine. Getting flashing chk eng lite, and fault code for knock sensor malfunction.

It will draw the battery down, so it won't start. Will work if I thump hard on top of dash.

fusible link has been replaced

Pours out as I add water. Found it with a flashlight and inspection mirror.

The city drive test does not appear to allow for stop signs and traffic lights? Cannot match the directions without running lights or signs.

instrument cluster needs to be sent in for repair

At about 2500 rpm feel like the key is being turned off and on ,this is in all 5 gears. Once I get above 50 mph it is fine ,but getting there is a real problem ,there is no check eng light on at this time.I have replaced plugs,wires, cap ,rotor and fuel filter so far (waste of $$$$)

feels like the ign switch is being turned off & on about 2500 rpm in every gear , no check eng light . This is a 1998 Nissan frontier with standard shift, again NO CHECK ENG LIGHT> happens every time ,idles perfect and is ok above 50 mph

I disconnected battery, but then drove approx. 150 miles in city and highway traffic. Car won't pass readiness inspection for CA smog test. Fuel is at 1/2 tank. How do I get the car to display the ODBC codes? Thanks.

Battery and.fuses. are good why it won't. turnover

starts and idles fine.it started doing it 8 miles after filling up with gas.i added a bottle of heat to the tank and replaced the dist cap and rotor button.it did not help the problem.

My buddy drove my truck. He parked it, got a hair cut, came out, and it was dead. A jump didn't work, and it had to be towed home. It has gas. I've replaced the battery, cable terminals, distributor cap and rotor over the last 24 hours. The dome light turns on, the dash lights all light up like normal. When I turn the key it sounds like the starter is working. I'm told the weird noise sounds like the fuel pump, but it's coming from the engine, not the fuel tank area. I'm at a loss here.

It will run for little while then all things start actin up until it dies.