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I can hear the motor turning so I know I have the 12vdc to the motor and the switch is good so I replaced the regulator and I got the same symptoms. Before I go buy a motor I wanted to check and see if there was anyth...
I've checked the hoses from the heater control valve and both ends are hot. Coolant levels are fine and trucks temp is in normal operating range. What could cause this?
Service engine light is on and it's not the gas cap is the purge valve something I can fix myself or do I have to bring my truck to mechanic
I really dont think that they are blown. what should i check?
and want to change the motor oil from regular oil to fully syn oil it is safe to change to fully syn it has 29723 miles
My Armada is hard to get in gear.
Live in Florida-Condensation in one of the headlight assemblies will not evaporate. Service Dept said either replace the assembly entirely or take apart and dry it out. Reseal with a sealant and put back in. Are th...
ac not working properly
Where/how do i replace the Hepa Filters for the cabin Air?