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how much cost to repair the front differential leaking?
I had got into an accident in 2013 on a snowday. I ran over stack centerblock that was covered by snow and it tore the splash plate off in misaligned the bumber. Later I had discovered that my radiator was cracked and...
Code 0420/0421-catalytic converter showed up. How do I clear this without Replacing converters (2). Would a new gas cap help? Need immediate response please. must pass inspection
I have had this problem for a while. The dealer told me it was a blow out door or something to that effect. I can be driving and all of a sudden I hear this tapping noise. It occurs when I stop the engine sometimes...
The power stops and I'd have to re-engage the buttons repeatedly to get it to finish.
Two weeks ago the automatic air controller would not go up or down I can turn temp levels up/down but I can not turn it off.
No lights or codes on comes to indicate any problems. Very frustrating!!!
i also get a message about a message in the message center about a slip.
it goes forward but does not want to backup
Just need a estimated total cost for a rear brake job
Had alignment and tires rotated, balanced and proper tire pressure and after the tire rotation my armada pulls to the left
air conditioner filter where is it n ow to replace it/