It's hard to take off but once get going it drives fine and at light is on what could this be

I have a Cummins ISX from 2009 and I want to make a few repair procedures on it, to clean the EGR and to change all the consumables. The repair manual will help me a lot! Thanks

My truck is making a tapping sound like the LIFTERS are tapping but it doesn't have LIFTERS

My truck making a tapping sound like the LIFTERS are tapping but it doesn't come with LIFTERS

Sometimes when im sitting at a traffic light i will start smelling gas

my abs will not let my car move

I have had stiff steering at low speed, it was diagnosed at the local Nissan dealer as needing a new rack and pinion. I replaced the rack and pinion myself as well as the power steering pump just to be safe, and I still have the same problem. I was wondering if there is some part of the traction control systems that could be at fault causing this problem?

My front wheel stablizer bar within 3 mths of already fixing issue has bent again and same brackett is loose on the passenger side. When I make left u turns it makes a rubbing noise as if two metal objects are twisting while touching front wheel right passenger side.
Also when I went to autozone the code P0430 came up. Catalyst converter and transmission fluid

it mainly acts up in the morning or when cooler outside

Step by step instructions and labor time to replace my starter on my 2005 Nissan Armada?