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2005 350z 143000 A couple months ago I was driving and the gas pedal just went to the floor . I had to coast to pullover and turn the ignition several times to get the engine to start again. It did it a...
need the readiness codes to reset for emissions testing in the morning.
Tried fuel injectors and whatever else dealership has tried, but they don't know. car recall on fuel hose, but they won't replace it. Need an answer asap, if possible. Have their "technicians" with Nissan corporate...
I get inside or is there a product which loosens the dirt from the outside
changed them twice and they still fail please help
I need to remove my air conditioner vent on the driver's side. How do you do that?
I believe it to be a fuel problem, previous owner consistantly ran the car on empty, which leads me to believe fuel pump is bad. Car only has 45,000 miles.
I'm from Malaysia. I bought a used 350z (2003 version) in Feb'13. At the beginning, there was a problem with the engine vibration and the mechanic had rectified it by replacing the ECU. Soon after that, there is a...
Shocks seem good and nothing loose or dried out.70,000 miles.I dont want to replace the tires untill the wear issue is resolved.Any ideas? Thanks bob
When the car is in neutral and my foot is off the clutch there is a loud rattling from under the car, once the clutch is engaged the noise stops. The noise is progressively getting worse and much more frequent. Nissan...
Dealer wants to replace the antisway bar with only 30K on the odometer and I baby the car.