Chevrolet Suburban 1500 Problem Report

Chevrolet Suburban 1500 Keyless Entry System Not Working Due to Failed Fob/Entry Receiver

(19 reports)

The keyless entry system may stop working. Our technicians tell us the key fobs and keyless entry receiver may need to be replaced to correct this fault.

Keyless entry system loses memory. You can do the re-program steps. The FOB will work for about 10 minutes,then loses memory again. How is this repaired? What causes this problem? -
Keyless Entry/ Start only works after a door has been manually opened or unlocked. It only works after that when the vehicle is activated and only a few minutes after the vehicle has been deactivated. -
Remote key stopped working? Only works after manually locking the door, then works for about 30seconds after? -
Not fixed yet. I can reprogram the fobs, but then they stop working in the same day. -
Key fob stopped working; new batteries not helpful. -
keyless stop working. After door is opened manually, keyless starts to work again only for 1 minute. -
Key fob works only after opening the door with a key. fob works for about i minute and then stops. -
Key FOBs program well and work for short period (continuously while car is running/powered). After a few moments, car will not activate on FOBs commands. -
sometimes dont open the doors lights are supposed to stay on after unlocking ca at nite time for security reason its not doind that anymore -
key fob will not open or lock doors on left side -
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