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Saturn SC2 My 12V Relay keeps burning/melting!

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    Driving to work one day I smelt something burning. Then I notices that there was a little smoke coming from inside my dash. I didnt have the air conditioner on so I thought that it might of been my CD player.

    I detached the player and started driving again but it was still smoking. I managed to get home and decided to check it out. The 12v relay was very hot so i took it out and thats when I noticed the area around one of the prongs started to melt. So amy way I took the relay out and just tried to start the car out of curiosity but it didnt start so I figure that this might be something to to with keeping the car on...but any way I changed the relay and now its doing the same thing after only 3 days.

    Do you know what the problem might be and how can I stop this from happening?

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