Motor Mounts Fail and Cause Vibration in Body on Mercedes-Benz E320

Motor mounts commonly fail, causing engine vibrations to be transferred to the body. Failed motor mounts should be replaced in order to prevent damage to the transmission mount.

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Average mileage: 136,629 (79,000–220,000)
6 model years affected: 1994, 1995, 1999, 2000, more2003, 2004
20 people reported this problem
10 people shared problem details
Noticed strong vibration at idle. mechanic determined motor mounts were bad; engine was resting on torsion bar. Repair was made and problem corrected.
what vibration noise is when normal accelation? 702 764 9885 702 752 6612 Rafael
I'm really hate this car because of the vibration caused by the engine which is effecting the whole body and the I tire room I didn't fix it yet I'm planing to go to the dealer and file for complaint for this problem
Notice a very bad vibration when first starting up in morning. Mechanic said caused by motor mounts beginning to fail. Plan to have them replaced at next oil change.
same as above,had to replace the mounts.
I have a vibration when at idling with the car in gear. I replaced the transmission mount and it got better but the vibration was still there. Upon further investigation I found the motor mounts rubber was cracked which I believe to be the problem. I just ordered the parts today and hope this cures my problem.
Driver side motor mount failed and was replaced
Vibration at idle and reverse but also in drive. Engine runs fine just weird vibration.
Vibration in the vehicle, especially noticeable during acceleration was traced to perished motor mounts. Replaced motor mounts resolved the issue.
Motor mounts have been replaced twice- issue still present. A vehicle of this nature should NOT have this problem.
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