Pontiac Bonneville Problem Report

Pontiac Bonneville HVAC Mode/Temperature Door Actuators May Fail

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The mode and temperature door actuators may fail causing improper air flow or temperature output from the heating and AC (HVAC) system.

warm air on driver side and cold on passanger -
hot air rt side cold air left side -
Will only direct air out of defrost and floor, not the front vents unless driving for a long time, and then only a minimal amount comes through. Once the car is parked, it vents through the defrost and heater again. Inspected vacuum pots under dash, couldn't find leak. Verified that engine vacuum was present. There is a control module that 6 small, multicolored lines connect to under the passenger side. This is where the automatic climate control designates which line has vacuum to actuate the controls for delivery. I wasn't able to do anything with it however. Still researching the issue. -
hot air on driver side and cool air on passenger side how can this be fixed -
My controls are stuck in the defrost/floor mode. -
Air flow out Dash and floor only. Looking for a fix! I have not fixed it yet and was wondering where to start. -
Hot air on the driver side, cold on the passenger side. -
ac works good the problem is that air come on downside only. what causes it? -
driver side warm pass side cool ,not repaired -
air cond air flow the same in recirculate mode -
No air through vents only defrost and floor -
AC/heat only coming from defrost and floor vents, despite what mode is used. -
First AC blowing hot air on drivers side then a couple Months later also passenger side. No ac at all now. -
Was never fixed. -
Well it's blowing cold air but if I feel where the heater core is it's hot so I don't no y it doesn't push hot air out the vents -
Driver's side air flow intermittent, both a/c and heat. Coolant leaks out somewhere... not obvious to mechanic. -
Warm air on the driver side and cool air on the passenger side. -
it only blow air out at window and not on dash -
blower fan first begin having issue, so replaced it. Shortly thereafter mode actuator doors quit working in all positions. -
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