2006 Mitsubishi Raider Questions

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When taking off my truck is 2100 RPMs and cuts out. It's like the map senior is out but it ain't got one

P0304 and P0305 already replaced #5 fuel injector and the ignition coil and did tune up.

At cold start will misfire , hard time to turn on until warmed up

Transmision it's been rebuild last year, since then I have return to the mechanic 3 times for overheating problem, replace converter twice and solenoide valve, I installed a oil cooler in front of radiator.

What could cause this problem?

It's a indication light that comes on and replaces the odometer at start up.

ck engine light comes and stays on for about 1-5 days,goes off by itself reappears in another month to 3 months last for a day or two sometimes, goes off by itself again. check at auto parts store to diagnose,Random misfiring on #4 cylinder other times no code, cam and or crank shaft sensor noticeable sound in engine if light comes on while driving doesn't shuts off or stutter no problem in starting

Truck has been running fine. Went out an hour later to get in truck. Keyless entry did not work. Went to locksmith to have batter replaced sitll doesn't work and the key turns but door will not unlock. This is the first time this has occured.

Ac blower not working at all is this a common problem are is there a resistor are fuse that can be tested are blower test.

when using my key fob, i have to be within about 10 feet of the vehicle to make the doors lock, unlock or use panic button. Any further away and nothing happens. I bought two new keys and had them programmed and it still does the same thing. Any ideas about increasing the distance on these functions?

first the guage would climb if it was lower the half a tank and then the gauge would max out and stay there until truck sits over night and then it will start all over again now the gauge won't move low fuel light is on and mil is on with a code of p0436

I just put a new power steering pump on the truck. It worked for about 5 min. I drove .5 Mi. and it started making noise and was hard to turn. any ideas ?

How can we fix the problem of the air conditioner unit, leaking water condensation onto the floor of the passenger side, without taking our vehicle to a repair shop? The leak is enough to cause the carpet to be saturated.