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it is missing, but not as bad as it was. what else could it be, someone thought it might be plug wires. plz help if you know anything about it.
Went to store last night after making left hand turn my blinker stayed on. My right one will not work left stays on no matter what position switch is in.
the rear brake lights are also on it is not the alternator
the dipstick is always way above the hot sign but ive drained a lot of it.
after I changed my battery The idle is very low to the point that when I stop the car almost died it is mitsubitshi montero sport 2003
I bought this a year ago and have no history/repair knowledge. thanks
Engine overhaul done, Tune up done, plugs replaced, oils changed on time, all others in order. Japanese Technician said it can be the Coil kit. To replace it to see. 'Coz if the coil doesn't produce proper spark, this...
Car temp spiked. white smoke came from hood. Shut car off. Under hood muddy coolant had sprayed roof of hood (inside) passenger side. Appears to be coming from underneath where black air filter hose meets the center ...
When I am driving, the gauge goes back down. So far I have replaced the oil sensor and the a/c belt that broke. Any suggestions?
I was trying to find an online repair manual but zero luck. When the AC is turned on, there is a squealing sound, little bit of cold seeping from the vents, but no air blowing.
I am trying to replace a broken stud on my Montero Sport LS, BUT I can not push the old one out since there no space behind it, what should I do? I appreciate any help, much better by a video.
I want to replace fuel pump.where do I start?
I don't know which way to turn the bolt. Clockwise or Counter Clockwise/