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if you did replace brakce shoes your self i would like to know how did you reinsatll the adjuster lever and return spring with out them falling out and lack of space to stetch or pull the spring with a tool. i could n...
you have to pump the gas to get it start.
hello, look I just had to change my crankshaft sprocket/gear & my balancer pully on my 2002 Montero sport & now it wont start.I was able to start it before. let me explain in more detail...first I had changed just the...
And it is difficult to steer what is going on with the SUV?
gound to headlights. prior to this right blinker got stuck unable to fix. removed relay. so me being a woman how do i get into steering column to view the problem?
the other day i was driving about 65mph on the highway when my car started to feel it was struggling. about 1 min b4 i smelt a slight burning sensation. i pulled on the onto th side roads then noticed around 40mph it ...
I turn the car on and turn the fan speed switch up and no air is blowing out of the vents. What could be the problem?
Sometimes it starts immediately, other times I have pump the fuel pedal.
The front axle has a leak where it is bolted together .I wondering how much it would cost to have it repaired .