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I installed deck yesterday and tonight battery and brake light on very dim though. I unpluged negative cable from battery didnt turn off So it s not alternator.need help ASAP GOT TO GO WORK IN THE MORNING
brought vehichle in to have oil changed was told head gasket was leaking also service engine light came on
My truck won't pass emissions the computer says 5 computers ready 3 NOT and they told me to find out what the drive cycle is for my vehicle and then it should be ready for emissions
I have had my tires balanced several times and it's only getting worse feels like my car is going to go off the road it shakes my whole arm they said my tires might be egg shaped but they aren't old help me please
I just bought a used 2000 montero sport limited. I took it up to the mountains today and when it starts slowing down due to a hill and if shifts down it drops really hard into the gear and then lunges into acceleratio...
this alternator lasted 45 days. order alternator from parts house, even change parts stores
If turn the engine back off and right back on, most times the sound goes away except for winter months and the check engine light stays on.
The pounds of tork for the screws on the filter pan