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My car was shaking and it cut off on me and would not start so I got is tuned up and it runs but every time the car brakes it shakes even when u turn it on it shakes what could it be?
Checked and replaced timming belt, there was no problem with the old belt. all the timming marks were aligned right. Still have low compression 90# to 50# Motor ran perfectly smooth when i last turned it off. still tu...
Have an obdII diagnostic tool and it says that all four of my o2 sensors have failed. Service engine light is on. Is there a central point where there may be a bad connection?
Bought car about 4 months ago,no problems,love the car,a week ago I got in it and it would NOT start.breifly leading to this day.The key givem to me does not have a case,so its the remote "attached"to the key,I was to...
No warning signs of any potential problems. Before car died after jumping, message E com appeared where clock displays and I tried giving it gas before it shut iff but car was nit responsive to me pushing accelerator????
there is no water in the dip stick,although the oil is dark brown.there is a oily like substance near the bottom of the radiator.the radiator took about 3/4 gallon of water.when trying to crank the sound is low almost...
the battery icon does not appear when you turn the key to on position
compressor not on theres no power but radio goes on and off too
What kind of electrical problem would cause freon to leak out and is $700 a lot for the repair
as well as the traction control lights comin on and of