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Car not running when put on computer check it say OC1 oxinator and Alternator not working.
For some reason, most times that I accelerate and when my foot comes off of the accelerator, i can hear a slight ringing sound similar to the sound of an empty metal bowl. What could be causing this and how much would...
I give it a few cranks and it will start. Change battery and it only happens sometimes.
replaced the fuel pump but now it will not get fire and turn over ?gas is getting to the engine and plugs are firing but nothing???any advice?
this was the first time problem occurred. while driving first the oil light came on, then the battery light and the car shut off. It will no longer start
what should he do, just bought this 10,500.00, no warrenty, sametime dealer out of business
I'm planning to buy a used car, but it already has 98,000 miles. What is the average mileage for an automatic transmision for this kind of car? Because maybe I will need to change it soon.
has no pick up runs very sluggish and ildes real low and stals also when it reaches 3500 rpm it starts to surge
changed my transmission oil at a Jiffy Lube @ 30,000 miles?
hi when i try to use the scanner i keep getting data link error what does this mean and what do i do to get the codes so i know whats wrong with this car thanks
Our heat works great but the air conditioning is not cold. The fan works but no cool air. The mechanic refilled it with freon last year after which it worked for about 2 weeks. Then nothing. He said they found no ...
Problem occurs while accerarating and gets better at speed of fifty but noise can still be heard slightly.
We replaced my A/C compressor last year and early this year it stopped working again. Any suggestions as to what could be going on?