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and it's not the belt. My car only has 63,000 miles on it and I have never heard of this problem. My car made a squealing noise for about 2 min. and then I can hardly turn. my car
air worked for 2 years and then it stopped had it fixed cost 1500.00 and it worked for 2 months and quit again. Anyone else have this problem? And how do I get it fixed?
car was a rough start on a cold day unless I pumped the gas pedal. Finally while I was driving when I would slow down to a stop the car would vibrate, it got so bad it would shake unless I fed it gas. Took to check al...
It was good last winter. Showed to mechanic. He mentioned no problems with Thermostat, waterpump, coolant etc. It could be due to electrical issue that something is not opening under the dashboard and asked me to go t...
theres no cold oh hot air blowing.. idk if the filters are pack with dust.. it used to blow air when i drove it but then it stop.. can some one help me
When I put the a/c on the compressor comes on and the blower dose not blow on 1-3 then when you put it on hi/4 the blower blows but cuts off the a/c any help would be appreciated
Galant evaporator motor gone per shop. Is whole dash removal necessary or can just the glove box removed? Any instructions? Thanks
i can see straight down the gas line. is that normal?
make sure belt is in the right place