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car startedt to buck but came back on go home went to start the car an hour later and nothing works
My heater won't work
But after thirty minutes of running it dies and it also has a gas smell coming from it but when I let it sit ten minutes it starts back up and runs fine for about thirty more minutes
My son came out to his car after work. Car was dead. After much revving of my engine, I got the car jumped. (However, we though this was odd: After failing to get the car jumped with the cable's attached. My son tried...
The battery began to die on my way to work, the A/C shut off and the wipers began to run slowly. Resolved to have the battery checked and/or replaced the next day. On my way to do so, the car began stuttering and no l...
It jerks like it's starving for fuel or air in the line somewhere. Replace battery after new a year ago..battery was tested bad. Starter was grinding then quit. I'm out of options
Hoses at fire wall both hot ..ac fine.what am I missing as far as troubleshooting?