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i have a 99 galant 2.4l 4 cyl. i turned it on this morning and it started to idle high. the service engine light came on and i took it to autozone and advanced auto to scan but they couldnt retrieve any codes nothing ...
I changed the p0705 and the other two I don't no we're the are can someone help me out please thanks you for the time to help me
I never drive it and it just sits in my drive way. The smoke comes and goes. If I rev the engine, you can see water shoot out of the tailpipe like a squirt gun. Oil looks good and coolant level stay the same. Car ...
if i shift into park and shut the motor off then restart it will shift normal, then slips again
I have a 1999 Mitsubishi Galant ES V6 3.0L with the auto trany. My question is than I got the code "P0715 Input/Turbine Speed Sensor "A" Circuit" so I disasembled the input speed sensor as suggested by some peolpe...
How do I go about replacing this o2 sensor? Its the one connected to the tailpipe
I have a code P0170. Tried replacing the MAS, CAM Sensor, And ignition failure sensor... to no avail. Its 4 cylinder 2.4 liter engine. fairly new engine block iin it with 15,000 miles on it with the valve cover gasket...
performing transmission removal . Needing information to access p[roper removal porcedure.
my car starts then within 10 secs it dies but it will start but dies within that timming i belive its a sensor gone bad but can not figure where it is to change ,,, ANY IDEAS PLEASE SHARE
The engine fuse blows and when i change it, the car runs again for a while and then it happens again. I had the ECM fixed and it still happens. What could cause this??
the car has over 200,000 miles its a 99 galant with a v6 engine
99 Galant that turns on and runs but then after about 20 minutes it shuts off. When we try to turn it on again it starts but shuts off immediately. It's all the time occurrence to where we have to leave it parked.
I just had my timing belt and crankshaft sensor replaced. Car runs fine but once i turn on the heater the cars rpm/idle needle starts moving uncontrollably and the car start to misfire by shaking and not wanting to ac...