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engine newly overhauled, installed new camshaft and crankshaft sensor, engine ecu was repaired and it start at first but shut down after a hundred meters drive.
Frame is rusted in rear can it be repaired
I need to try and get it fixed because it's very unsafe please help
3000rpm if i turn off the engine for 1min and start it work good for half an hour what could be the problem
When I hit the button on the dash it lights up but no power to the grid. I checked with Mits and they can't ID the wiring/ fuse or location of the relay connection to the window itself. On my model there are NO visibl...
only no2 fires after put no2 injector at no1 . one two and three start to fire but no4 misses. as the car warm up only no1 firing. .basically no1 inj was the only injector firing when it was at number2
Everything starts up well da only problem I have is ..y the belt keeps cutting of??
We just replaced the temperature sensor but the temp gauge still shoots up all the way to red and my engine light stays on since then.
my car runs good for 4 days then the batter goes dead. what kould be wrong with
new idle aircontrol motor. changed the hose to the EVAP solenoid and EGR solenoid. change spark plugs and wires, but it still idles irracticly when in park or neutral. took it to pete boys but all they say is it has v...
motor revs but car does not move! what could it be???
Usually it's all in the wrist, but during cold temps I have to click the key in the ignition forward once and let it sit for 30 seconds before I try turning the key again. It'll spring back, and I immediately turn the...
engine raises up and down while idling