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I've replaced the belt & Alternator and after a day or two it's rain it will start up squalling its will get worse like if I get ready to stop it will squill at night when I start the car up.
and now wipers won't work. What could have made this?
1994 Galant drove fine, stopped at a corner; car will not move forward or back
do I have to remove the timing belt, will it go out of timing?
what would cause it to stall out when idling but when barely touching the gas it runs fine already did tune up
cost factor for replacement water pump
getting a clicking noise from behind the glove box, clicks around 10 times, then a pause, then 10 more and so on, when the engine is running.
It takes me about 20-25 minutes to start my car. It appears that the gas does not go thru the gas line. When it finally starts I smell gas. This happens every morning. Also the engine light stays on.
I shift the gear to overdrive, but it engaged only in third gear, even I shift it to low gear but it stick to third gear and no over drive,even if I shift to direct over drive it still in third gear even if the RPM r...
Where exactly is the egr valve at on a 1994 mitsubishi galant. Its a 16 valve single overhead cam front wheel drive. If i can get a diagram also that would be awesome. Please send it to jimmyherrera78@gmail.com
My car is overheating and it seems to overheat when I am using the air conditioning. Is there a special thermostat that I need to buy to replace the old one. What other steps do I need to take when replacing.
I had my starter motor replace 3 weeks ago and during last week my engine runs rough when I put the car into gear and start to accelerate. What's wrong?
i have a knocking underneath the front seats it seems but doesnt seem to be in the wheels itself....i had someone look at it and they said the strut mounts were loose....not sure if thats what it is but if so is this ...
I am having trouble starting my car i have a new ignition switch and a new starter so can someone please tell me what the problem is. I know its not the battery all the light in and out of the car come on