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My floor mats were soaked from my ac drainage line being clogged up. A mechanic supposedly cleaned the line out for me, but it continued to leak in the vehicle. Now the ac has stopped working altogether. What might be...
mine is busted. does it pop out and pop in replacement part?
Please let me know the Total amount for all. Thank you.
vibration is loud enough to be annoying inside the car and can be felt through the steering wheel drclemans@hotmail.com
Why is there no information on the turn signal cancel cam
I need to know which cylinder is number 6.
I have heard that using a block warmer will cure this. But there is no block warmer on the Endeavor. What is the cause of the issue?
Why does the 2000 Mitishbishi Endeavor check engine light come on?
water draining into driver side floor, pulled carpet to find source but cannot find.
Started a couple of days ago when I got out the carpet was soaked. Now continues each time driven.
everytime we run the ac on the endeavor water pours out from under the dash onto the passenger side front floor
My ac stop blowing. Could it be a fuse blown or the ac unit stop working
what should be done with a tune up besides just changing the spark plugs?
I had a tune up and had the spark plugs changed. I was assuming that a tune up meant that the engine would be tuned back to where it was when new, some adjustments. What else should be done besides just changing the s...
i ilke to know how to remove then exuste manifold