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i have a 1994 3000gt sl with 111000 miles on it runs great but as i was putting in new stero my car went into safe mode and now i am looking for the tcu.
to charge the a/c on my car witch hose do you charge from
how do i replace alternator on 94 3000 gt
how do i change all my spark plugs
I have a 1994 3000gt base model with 29,500 miles. Do I need to change the timing belt and water pump now or at 60,000 miles. Car is babied, not driven in winter. Only trouble was just replaced thermostat. Dealer want...
Hi my timing belt need replacing.. and i was wondering (A) how hard would it be to do it my self and (b) how much would it cost for a car shop to do the fix?
I have a icon that keeps blinking on my dash telling me something needs to be fixed it's not the battery symbol or oil but it looks like the battery symbol though an I don't have the owners manual so if you can help