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The balancer wobbles so bad it's ruining the belt and the oil drops are coming down from behind the balancer. What I'ld like to know is where is it leaking and what's wrong with the balancer. I'm not the smartest cook...
sometimes when I first start the car in the morning it works but not properly. the tach does move but only up to 2000 rpm then stops working. other times it doesn't work at all. plus my speed isn't accurate either? wh...
its runs at normal temperature. it isn't over heating, but the light is annoying to look at! lol where is the sensor located at? also there is a light gauge under the radiator symbol that is on too. what is that?
I filled the tank to 3\4 and drove for 43 miles and noticed i my consumption of fuel loss was a quarter tank. then I smelled gas coming through from the ac vents. I located it near the passenger side wheel well, bu...
i am looking at buying this and fixing it up however im not sure A) what the actual problem is, B) how or if i can get this fixed and C) at what cost. there is no smoke coming from the exhaust and it is still driva...
The problem started last week. Please tell me what to do.
The problems for both questions just started last week.
Police have pulled us over saying the bumper is too high but noone can tell us what the factory height should be
the car will run but only in 3rd gear i do believe. the tcu isn't throwing any codes and where do i find parts for this car it's not easy
when should i change the timing belt and what happens if i don't
how do i remove my mitsubishi car motor??