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mini cooper 2007 common issues?
for thermostat,radiator cap,water pump and pipe. Then they went down to $550 and said that was cost. engine drive $298 rear pads and rotators $570 is this a good deal and would all this be needed at 45,000 miles ?...
My MINI has vacuum pump and full flow oil filter seals oil leaks. The leaks are dripping on to the exhaust pipe. Why would this cause smoking from under the car sometimes, but not other times? Is this dangerous?
hi everybody!! i need a help !! my mini cooper 2007 has codes p0700 and 5d92 speed wheel sensor! dose the wheel speed sensor ca effect to my transsm??
Just started out of the blue no local dealer any help would be nice?
My main computer is blown and I don't have the money to buy a new one. Can I purchase one made for Mini and have it programmed to my car's specs? If so, any suggestions?
Every morning it now takes 3-4 goes to start like it's not getting enough revs or power to turn over. Has been doing this last few weeks. No error codes at all. Also if not driven all day while at work does same thi...
Also if I have to set in traffic for a long period it will start missing and some times ouit, but if I shut it off for 30 seconds or more then start it back up it runs ok.
Need measurements for the frame and strut towers
I brought my mini cooper to East Bay Mini about 2 weeks ago for water pump recall. About 3 days later, every morning I started the car the sound of engine was very loud, but it was back to normal 5 minutes later. I th...
My mini cooper 2007 shows engine light and cc-id 31, the service light is on with similar message cc-id 071. Does anyone have any idea what could cause this? Both came up after I had breaks, rotors and sensors changed.
It happend Friday and it has not changed
I'm being quoted $1300 to replace the fuel pump, and since I'm unemployed, has prompted me to be tempted to just drive it until it dies and let Mini take it back. Could you confirm that the quote you show is for the ...
I'm replacing the brake pads and can not compress the rear piston. I don't want to take the other side off till I find out what is going on. The fronts weren't a problem. Help!!!