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It into the diagnostic machine and it is coming up that the brake fluid level is low but I opened the bonnet and looked in the brake fluid is full.What could it be
Yellow check engine light. Tried erasing with code reader could not remove.
the drives side door it wont unlock nor will the handle on the inside work so I can get out. what parts do I need to fix my problem?? Ive had nothing but problems with this car. Seems like now everything is messing up...
I have a leak coming from under the dash on the passenger side. I have determined it is NOT the windshield, but likely coming from the overflow tubes that originate at sunroof area and feed through. I want to know h...
Could it be a relay or fuse and if so where would it be located?
The repair shop says the master and slave clutch cylinders need replacement for $3,100.00. Is this too much?
The pilot door had a leak so my car had a flood and is having electrical issues
I hit a curb six months ago, popped a hole in my tire. Got new tire and alignment, because I hit the curb hard. Now the car is pulling to either side and shakes when I drive.
Drove my mini this morning just fine , then try to start won't start all lights comes on battery good I clean all the battery cables just to be sure , and still won't start, I even try pushing 4 times to start since i...
when accelerating my battery light will come on and smells like wires burning
My mini has 94k miles. Probably needs a flush/fill. The OBDII shows 286 F coolant temp on a cold engine and code P0118. I'm assuming the sensor is bad - but would like to know how to ID the true cause between a bad ...
How long will it take a technician to install a fundamental Mini Cooper roof rack on Mini Cooper?
Recently purchased used 2006 Mini Cooper, navigation system was not connected,I got a new screen and reconnected, it works but no sound. How do I fix this?
Think it is the shifter cables are corroded. What should the approximate repair cost be?
3 weeks after getting it back, it started to pop! Out of first gear and felt and sounded as if I hit a brick wall. Called place that replaced clutch and guy said that it didn't have anything to do with the new clutch ...
Not when starting from a stop, but if I'm driving and need to accelerate quickly it will hesitate and sometimes when idling it sputters. This all started after getting "cheap" gas. Any suggestions?
note replaced clutch and battery . noted car started fine before replacing these items . now i do not have fire
my cooper repair parts and service is very high and I only get 17 MPG even though I only have 36k miles on it. I am thinking of purchasing a 2006 Scion XA that has 109k miles on it. Is the Scion a more affordable an...
Everytime I get out of my car, the doors autolock. No matter what. This is a challenge because I often make several trips to my car and don't WANT it to lock. Is there a way to turn this off? So I have to press the...
As I drive around the car will heat up and then come back down. There is no unusual noises nor an apparent leak. I was told that it was the water pump, but from what I've read, it's not.
auto gear lever dosent want to go to drive gear just started playing up