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needle is and always has been right in the middle at perfect operating temp, but it seems its taking longer than usual to get there...firestone said my thermostat needs replaced but its not life threatening to the car...
I have 126,000 miles on my Mini Cooper engine. I am curious to know how much longer I will be able to drive it until it will need a new engine or taken to a junkyard.
I have a 2006 mini cooper S that won't start. The first signal of a problem was I started the car and it made a loud noise. I drove it for about a mile and turned of the A/C and the car stopped making the noise. I pa...
I recently started my car and it made a loud sound. I drove it for about a mile, and right when I turned off the air, the sound went away. I parked the car at my destination and when I returned an hour later, the car...
ignition switch or switch unit
I have change the transmission oil twice trying to do away with erratic shifting. It seems to worsen as the transmission heats up. when it's cold it shifts just fine. PS: the first time I replace the transmission f...
I work in Bahrain. How long should an evaporator last for? the original one lasted over 6-7 years!
The problem just started and the light will not go off. Is there a re-set for it?
- overheating sporadically - died completely without any warning - traveling normally at 35mph
I am having trouble compressing the caliper to insert te pads on the rear of a Mini Cooper. It seems to be lockec up. Any advice Thanks
small amount of blue color liquid after driving