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can the power steering pump be damaged after another car hits you at high velocity on the rear and silencer of a 2004 mini cooper s? thank you.
power steering motor stays on after the car is turned off.
the bulbs on both sides have blown out.
Are the drive belt and the timing belt the same thing?
Steering seems fine, car has 128,000 kms. Also clutch is loud when engaged in first when car cold.
radiator seaping on top right corner where tank meets fins
Clutch on 6 speed special edition 2004 S
radio suddenly went off and speakers started making an internittent hissing or static sound. Volume control knob did not affect it, and it continued even after I turned the radio off.
I have a 2004 mini S my passenger door glass stop going up and down, I pulled panel off checked power going to motor any ideas before I invest in new motor and regulator?
Every morning when I start my Mini, I need to crank the starter motor for at least 4-5 seconds. After doing so, the car starts and runs perfectly fine. If I immediately turn the car off and try to turn it on again, it...
I just had what I believe to be inspection II (52000 miles); within 2 weeks my car started oveheating (fan was on after I shut off the engine). The temperature of the car reach the hot level, red light came and a bur...