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It into the diagnostic machine and it is coming up that the brake fluid level is low but I opened the bonnet and looked in the brake fluid is full.What could it be
After shutting off the engine taking a drive from office to home 15-20 miles, Coolant starts leaking continuously at 2 spots down the bumper. Got diagnosed for two times from two different persons wasting time and mon...
What signs would indicate that my water pump is malfunctioning?
The lights have been on and off for about 5 months, i have had front and back breaks replaced but still they remain on? they wnet off for about 6 weeks, but when I had my run flat tyre front tyrr replaced they came ba...
I need to know how to remove the brake sensor so that I can replace pads
driver seat on left bottom is not working cant drive car .Seat is stuck foward need to fix it .How do i fix it?