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The rear brake lights remain on when the car is turned on. But they do not brighten or indicate when the brakes are applied.

Spent 11 hours replacing my clutch yesterday and po117 code poped up and my car is overheating. Sensor looks like. Not sure whats the problem

when accelerating my battery light will come on and smells like wires burning

note replaced clutch and battery . noted car started fine before replacing these items . now i do not have fire

auto gear lever dosent want to go to drive gear just started playing up

Won't unlock with dash toggle either, but makes same noise as drivers side. Can open from inside. Could've occurred after flat battery.

foud the bcm but not the tcm don't know where to look

Had new PAS pump fitted then had other work done a few months later, requiring battery disconnection. Now pump keeps running when engine is off. Can anyone help? Thank you. Onekerryb

I bought some new wheels for the car changing them from 15" to 17" and now the run flat light has come on and the tyres have the correct pressure in 30psi front 30psi back.Can I turn it off or is there a problem somewhere.


I have replaced the cooling fan assembly, temperature sending unit and thermostat. The fan does not seem to come on at all. Could it be the engine control unit, or whatever the correct name is?

The tyre pressure light on the dashboard will not go off all the tyre pressures are fine and I have done all the things you are suppose to do. Could someone please get back to me and tell me if there is something else I can do or could it be a mechanical problem, Thanks

Even though the pressure on all the tyres is correct and I have switched this light off before, I have done everything it says in the handbook but it doesn't work is this electrical an fault

I had my ac compressor replaced in March, and now two months later, the ac has failed again. The mechanic has diagnosed failure of the new compressor, and that being under warranty, has replaced it with yet another. I'm grateful he performed such a labor-intensive job without argument, but he tells me now, afterward, that he's found a freon leak behind the dash and an oil leak beneath the engine, which I'll have to repair at my own expense. He's a perfectly nice guy but not a trained Mini mechanic, and I, knowing nothing about cars, wonder: Do such leaks commonly occur when recharging the system, as he says, and do they, as he also says, generally indicate the failure of an old part -- in this case, the evaporator? Or is it possible the leak could have been caused by recharging the system at excessive pressure? Also, could something about his first repair have caused the oil leak? Could something about his first repair have caused the first compressor to fail, and if so, is there anything I can do at this point to prevent the compressor from failing again? Thanks for all help. I really don't want to put blame where blame isn't due, but I wasn't prepared for this, and as I said, am lost in the woods when it comes to cars.