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The repair shop says the master and slave clutch cylinders need replacement for $3,100.00. Is this too much?
Car has no sun roof and the seals on the door look okay. The floor behind the driver seat is soaking wet plus the seat belt. Any ideas
I have a local tech who can "retrain" the transmission if I can get the software to do it. Otherwise, the nearest dealer is over a hundred miles away (one way). Is there a source available that will sell me the softwa...
It worked fine until my grandson took it for a drive. Could he have done something or is it just one of those things. What can be done?
How do I repair the rear seat releases and were there any recalls on the 2003?
Haven't looked anything up yet but wondered if anyone has any tips? Should I just shoot myself? Should I bring some dynamite? Thanks. Wisecracks/ jokes about the car are OK too , since it isn't mine!
Looking under the bottome of the engine from the ground there is a fly wheel that keeps starting and stopping. It is making a noise and is also loose. What does this control and should I replace the entire thing or...
I took my car in for an oil change and was told that it needed to have the transmission changed because it was leaking and since it is a sealed transmission they would have to change the whole transmission. my questi...
is a manual transmission every a "sealed for life" transmission?
driving up medium grsde road, engine revved up, car stopped moving forward and started rolling backward. Have dual transmission, was in automatic mode. tried the shift mode - no go. No noise was heard, no fluid lea...
Ok There is a clicking sound when I up or down the switch but the passenger side window don,t work what could be the reson?
The window on the passenger side don,t work atoll
worked last year car has 120,000 miles. full of freon