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Everytime I get out of my car, the doors autolock. No matter what. This is a challenge because I often make several trips to my car and don't WANT it to lock. Is there a way to turn this off? So I have to press the...
As I drive around the car will heat up and then come back down. There is no unusual noises nor an apparent leak. I was told that it was the water pump, but from what I've read, it's not.
I don´t any hot air in the cabin, everything seems to be working just no heat
I got a brand new battery and my S-belt replaced, it was working day of i drove it around for a bit but then i didn't drive it for a couple of day now it won't start at all the battery won't hold a charge only when be...
I just noticed premium unleaded info. I only did it once
A grinding noise can be heard as soon as the car moves forward. Also a vibration is felt but only when accelerating in 4th and 5th gear (there is no vibration in 1st, 2nd or 3rd gears and accelerating does not appear...
The water disappears or evaporates. There is no signs of leakage. She said a little spit came out of the drivers side when I filled it, but that was it.Is it clogged or does it need a new pump? Winter is about here an...
I'm thinking of buying this car, but the owner says it grinds in reverse and then pops out of gear sometimes. What is this & what kind of repair cost and I looking at? Car has 123,000 miles on it.
dtc codes 2097 won't go away when erased. replace both O2 sensor. bank 1 sensor 1 now reports dtc 013 O2 circut fault ? Still get 2097. stevenjnance@yahoo.com
I ran a compression test on all cylinders and #4 is half the amount of the other 3. Check engine light is on with a code of P0304. Thanks for any advice Bob
I need a wire harness for the alternator, how much does this cost and how much to install it.
I thought my power steering pump was failing because it is getting very hard to steer. I had more of thecorrect fluid put in but that didn't help. Now my clutch is getting hard to push in and when I release the clucth...
Replaced rear brakes and blead system until I had pedal. Start the car and pedal is gone.
cost to replace cooling fan relay switch on 2002 mini?