my mercury keep loosing coolant, my mechanic changed the thermostat head. and still having the same issue.

drivers power seat will move to its exit position while driving my suv. It will go all the way back and makes it hard to control vechicle.

ibaci check fuse and its fine. How to reset sencer?

This has happened before the shop replaced my right wheel bearing and now its coming on again

It comes up to temp fine , has plenty of antifreeze and hose is hot on both ends.

the other vents are fine, they blow COLD a/c

Mountaineer has no transmission dip stick. At present it is a sealed system which requires a trip to Mercury to check the tans oil level!!

what could it be it was running alright and just stopped and wouldn't start had to call a towing truck

What should I be checking first

I got the amber wrench light.I brought it to dealer and the said the download a patch. 2 days later got amber wrench light and check engine light.Brought it back the said it was in trans.the sent it out and today got a phone call that its not trans.there getting all kinds of lights and its the wiring harness.Off course its not covered under ford ex warranty they say.they want they had it for 9 days.mean while im renting a car witch was suppose to be covered 30.00 a day but now that its not the tranny the car isnt covered. Am i getting it jammed to me or what. heeeeelp

While attempting to remove the trim around the shifter to find the light-bulb I'm getting som resistance on the left side - so if I pry too hard I know it's going to break. What's the trick?