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I had to unplug from washer motor to get it off plunged back in came back on what would cause this.
What I thought was an exhaust leak maybe valves needing adjustment.
I have an exhaust manifold leak that I am going to replace the manifold gaskets. As I have been a Ford/Mercury owner for decades, I have come to know that one must ask and not assume when attempting to do almost anyth...
You can push accelerator into over drive and the higher rev seems to correct it. The intermittent is getting worse. Feels like no spark to 1 or a few cylinders but intermittently as to almost buck. But not every time ...
Put power to it with a power probe and it works fuse is good and the windshield washers stay on had to unplug.
My heater was working perfect lastnight and when I startedy mercury this morning my heater is blowing out cold. Which it did get very cold lastnight like negative 2 degrees. And when u popped my hood there was antifre...
cable broke in half from bumper to lowering mech. , spare tire is in place, how to fix
When driving with A/C on, driver's side always blows cold. Passenger side blows cold, then hot, then cold again. A squeaking is heard while this is happening.
fuse replacement didn't work fuses were not butnt out but replaced anyway
replaced belts, pulleys, tentioner & alternator & it's still squealing. any ideas?
whats this the RSC when it says --service engine RSC now and were is it located
It started 3 weeks ago, and has happened each time I have gotten gas, at different stations.