the rear lights do not turn off
even if i turn the car off and no key in the egnition

my mercury started with a check engine light then went to abs and then brake on dashboard then they would trigger the engine failsafe mode then the abs and brake light would go off we replaced throttle actuator evg valve and abs sensor but now its bringing up the abs and brake lights again with other codes what could be goin on with my car i dont want to spend thousands on stuff thats not wrong

Last shop got it working for four months. Had to get it towed again. Any suggestions

how to repair leaks

This is a cosmetic issue that is quite common. Will Ford pay to have it corrected?

I had the Freon level checked, it is ok and doesn't appear to be leaking. Last time it did this they cleaned and electrical connection on the compressor and it started working. It lasted about a month and did it again.

i Have a 2004 v6 Mercury Mountaineer was driving and stop and never turn on.... i can crank but would not start...check spark plugs and have spark ,check fuel fuse good, fuel relay good , change gas pump , change gas filter , and wen i crank gas pumps all the way up engine , i change ECU and program Key and would not even crank , i re-install back old ECU and cranks but don't start ...can any one can Help me?!