Every time I try to reset it, it won't display the oil % life left. I press and hold reset and it just goes on to the next step of the system check.

Had my transmission looked at the fluid is clean a sensor replaced but it's still slipping the fluid is clean but it is shaking the whole truck I think it's something in the front end but people keep telling me the transmission is slipping love your phone and doesn't work right I would imagine the torque converters having trouble can you help me with this question

I don't have the $ to fix, priced around (600-1200) is there anything I can do (troubleshoot) short time?

i put a new radio in and shortly after lost dash lights tail lights and fog lights. Now i got in to take the truck up to the installer to see if he could figure out what happened and i suddenly have nothing when i turn the key it started to turnover and then just went dead. I am thinking this must be a relay but which relay. The battery as the 12V outlet has power

Also when going from reverse to drive car occasionally stalls out, any ideas?

Could it be from a vacuum leak or one of the sensors? Help

So I have replaced a few other solenoids on this SUV and had no problems however solenoid 3 has now burnt out 4 times, each time getting shorter from the last time. Just replacing the solenoid and spark plug is not enough. I have heard this is a problem with this vehicle but some suggestions would be great, thank you.

Started yesterday. My kid were playing with the keyless entry and now when I select the last two buttons to lock all doors do not work. Since this has happened my dash light for door ajar is always on. I am wondering if that has to do with the doors not locking with the keyless entry on door itself. I have checked all doors to verify that they are all closed as well at the truck. PLEASE HELP!! Thanks!

to miles on display. Try disconnecting battery to no prevail. Help!!

I have had the battery tested and it's good. I go to start my truck and it is like the battery is almost dead then it starts and all the gages max out for about 3 to 6 seconds. Then I have to drive with 2 feet one on gas one on break for about 15 minutes and it's fine if not it will die. When you take your foot off the gas at any time the lights dim. Another issue is the controls on the steering wheel don't work. So I can not use my cruise control. I would like to know what is the cause of the problem so I can get it fixed. I have had it in the shop several times and they can't figure it out either or don't want to fix it. Of course my warranty has expired but I feel that ford should do something I have many friends who bought the same vehicle because of my purchase and they are having the same issues.