I have to disconnect my battery everytime I'm out of car very long. Door ajar light stays on,my lights stays on when I get out of car. The door ajar light will come on and go off and come on again while driving.

Now it's popping louder and the wheel ( on the front driver side) is starting to shake and the steering as well

The prior owner of the truck said that he put a starter on it and it was the wrong one so he had to order the correct one and when he got it and put it on the truck was just sitting up and it caused the computer to jump time or something but he said he was told that a test could be ran n they would start back

I hear a popping and it feels like its coming from the rear tires

if I switch the blower to dash it blows if I leave in one spot it may last a trip or so sometimes it will last a few days and other times less then a trip to store

Quoted $700.00 by midas

Doors lock and unlock at will, tried spraying WD40 on locks no help. Now my passenger window won't roll up!Seems my electrical system may need help! Can't afford to switch out all the door locks, help! I also have a crack in the lift gate like many others.

How do you change it on a 2002 merc. mountaineer V-8 AWD?