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a slapping noise under valve cover when running and get worst when shutting off engine. removed valve cover and noticed timing chain seems to be the noise. started replacing timing chain. pulling driver side valve cov...
When we first got the car in 2014, the car started right up. I drove it for 100 mi. Shut it down at a rest area for about 20 min. Went to dive off and it would not start until the next day. Once started, drove it hom...
why can't the power side view mirrors, be adjusted while the car is running? They only can be adjusted when the engine is off, and the key is on accessories. That does not make sense.
when the car is running< I can not adjust the direction of the mirror.
bolt on bottom passenger side is hidden. Does something else need to be removed first?
My engine light came on . The mechanic said it'll cost $350 because he'll have to take the engine apart to install the part. Is that true?
continuous grinding and knocking sound thought it could be an alternator but was told it could be timing chains and oil pump loses pressure then a few minutes later builds back up vehicle has 183,000 miles on it
While the truck is running or RPM goes over 2 it starst cooling again normally.
My mercury mountaineer is stuck in reverse. The gear shift itself will move to each gear available, but the vehicle will only go in reverse. Even when the shifter is moved to the drive position the vehicle will still ...
I already replaced the sensors.Is there anything else that i am missing?