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today i went to mechanic and he scan my truck. the scanner code was p0303, and that code says that cylinder #3 have a misfire, then i remember that the truck have the original spark plug wires,i think that the wires a...
I changed the thermostat, but still have no heat. Can it be the water pump, I do have a little belt noise when I start it.
One day I got in and started it and this wretched sound came out of it until I got a quarter mile down the road and then it stopped. The next morning it wouldn't even turn over. All lights and everything came on but t...
Whenever I try to close the rear hatch window it will not stay shut. I have to slam it hard about 5 or 6 times in order for it to latch. What would cause this and how can I fix this?
do I need the rear heater core in order to drive the vehicle
The check engine light stays on. I had a cam shaft sensor installed, how do you reset the on-board computer? I want to pass emissions.
The problem occurs every time I turn the steering wheel.
after stopping, really strong and lingering gas smell from front of engine on drivers side
I tighten the bolts, but it still not shifting to drive is stays on second. Would this mean that I would have to replace the shift cable or is their other options?
I shift gear to drive and it feels like if Im on second, and it wont hold on park. I would have to push up hard to grasp the park gear, and it will go on reverse, but when I put it to drive it goes on second and wont ...