You put it in reverse and it won't back up. What do I need to do?
Thank you

No heat at all.

My son changethe part in the engine compartment for the cruise control

It's the standard radio with truck

Cluster lights not always on headlights not turning off and radio display malfunctioning not turning on

The squealing is much louder and distinctly different than the common belt chirp. It's difficult to narrow down to the specific pulley just by listening to the squealing. Based on research, I'm guessing it's the idler pulley, but just wanted to educated opinions in order to avoid unnecessary time and money being used for things that aren't in need of repair.

or disconnect it?

The dr. glass fell dn. inside the dr. I'm guessing that it bent or broke some of the opening linkage. I've got to get the dr. open so that I can remove the dr. panel to make repairs.

I need the fuse diagram wherethe