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Happen when I would turn, but now it's more consistent of a noise, I replaced my drive axel and a bunch of other things almost everything except brakes lower control arm and bearing on my driver side any idea of what ...
A few months ago start this litle problem whit the windows , don´t go down when I push the boton , some times I oopen the door and then star working again , but sudenly they just not working any more, I check fuse and...
O/d off light was flashing so I changed fluid and filter via hand book/owners manuel then my tranny started slipping
The r fuel rail has slight leak on middle port. What are the most likely problems that would cause this condition. Are there any cheats that can be employed?
Needing to know where to place the jack to jack up my vehicle. Thia is my firat ford product lol.
ticking increases with acceleration has self adjusting lifters
some days it works and the next it dont she needs help
Everything I find shows it should be at the most 35-40. Mine is reaqding at 70!