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took to the shop and they said the trans lines have corroded and need replaced. Is this repair worth doing considering the age or is it an inexpensive repair?
Its as if the coolant running through heater core is running unimpeded. There is a vacuum actuated butterfly valve inline on heater hose near the fire wall. I removed it a can see it stops some air but (not all air) w...
Could u tell me what could be wrong with the steering wheel
Smell it coming from under truck and no apparent leaks
At around 55 it starts a slight shake, but the faster I were to go the harder the shaking gets. There's a bracket broken on the top drivers side on the radiator. Could that be the problem?
My blowers aren't working in the front of the mountaineer at all; not even defrosters. However my heat does pump out of the vents but that also takes about a half hour of driving on the regular streets or 15 mins on t...
had used tires put on twice in past week.