1997 Mercury Mountaineer Questions

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Weve checked the battery and the test says its good but it leaks water we rescently did a tune-up and oil change but my truck dies down very frequently

What other years will the back glass be the same? 1997-????.

The check engine light is on,I got the code with my reader, but it is not a professional one, I got it from the Mac tool guy.

It sounds like it might be stuck in four wheel drive. It's shifting fine but really loud.

Runs idle but dies out when mashing on vas

I've already replaced the heater control valve and thermostat , I have plenty of antifreeze the blend door actuator was checked already its fine. I had the vacuum hose replaced Nov 23 2015 the heater core was also checked its fine , and I didn't experience any antifreeze on the passenger floor in the front. The blower switch for hot and cold was replaced on Nov 27 2015 I still don't have any heat. I saw an answer on here someone said "There are two switches under the hood in the circuit and one or both of them is bad. Cost me over three hundred to find this out." Where are the two switches under the hood that they're referring to ?

cost of repair approx.4000.00. how do you tell if a camshaft is flat

Worst when I'm trying to turn

took to the shop and they said the trans lines have corroded and need replaced. Is this repair worth doing considering the age or is it an inexpensive repair?