2007 Mercury Montego Questions

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Every time I turn the key my fuse burns

The car acts like it goes through the warm up and then does not start but beeps 1 time. Is there a trouble shouting procedure?

Changed starter

New starter

wrench light keeps coming on but transmission is fine code heater 12 keeps showing up on computer what is this and where can I locate it

Tired to get to the leds can't get to them housing won't come apart

When I turn it on it comes on the turns right back off.

My battery died and i need to get the cables out of the trunk but the button will not release the trunk?

I have a 2007 Mercury Montego with roughly 133,000 miles that is suddenly having what appears to be a shifyting problem. When driving the car it seems to have a stall like response but does not make any winding or grinding sounds only seems to be stuck in gear, then shortly after will return to normal. Also seems to have trouble accelerating into gear at times also with the same feel of stalling, but no sputtering of the engine or other typical noises you would associate with transmission problems; at one point while the car was traveling under 40 mph the RPMs were at the 4000 mark. In addition, when applying the break, the pedal suddenly moved so that the car broke harder near the end of the stopping distance on more than one occasion. Now it seems to be running/acting normally again. Any clue as to what the problem(s) may be?

If you hold the off button down while turning on the key will make it shut off untill you turn it back on. digital controls. You see the fan symbol move but no fan response. Any help please thank you.

oil and brake lite going on and off, a/c on when not indicating it is on and not able to turn off. when driving on freeway back up beeper warning going off. took to mechanic no problem with brakes or oil wiring problem 117,000 miles on the car help like most people i am on a very tight budget is the dealer my only choice to get it fixed