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light comes on, brake light, airbag light and check brake system message appears. Me speed gauge will not work and all my mileage info disappears to dashes. What is going on? It has never done this before; however my...
I've had the car about a year, now the throttle body needs replaced. I found it was a recall, when calling ford they said the part was cleaned not replaced one month before I bought it. So now I have to spend 8 or 900...
Car starts but as soon as you release the key it dies. No engine light.
someone said it might be the a/c shut off switch but not sure
A/C only blowing out warm air and will not take freon charge
i am looking for the parts and labor costs to replace the drivers side heated seat element on leather seat.
I tried adding refridgerant to it, but it won't take a charge.
traction light on all the time fuse keep blowing all the time
car is in great shape, original owner, not sure if it is a shork or strut problem, or normal
My front brakes are making a squaking sound when I brake. What could this be?