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mount is located on the passenger side
After a cold freeze one night car would not start the next morning and still wont start replaced battery did an auto scanner no codes appeared
Our '05 Montego was garage kept until this past summer. Now that it is outside and winter, the driver's side door latch will not keep the door closed if the temperature drops below 25 degrees. We had inherited the car...
On the highway, charging system & check engines lights & notifications come on, then all dash lights go off. Had car towed to local Midas thinking the alternator needed to be replaced. It's at Midas, they tried to sta...
I just replaced the rear rotors and brake pads, now the pedal feels pretty spongy...before I did the job pedal was solid and does not need extra push down, now it does...any idea what happened..???
My ac temp.is fine, but when the sensor clicks the ac on and off, I can hear the pulley area sounding much louder. Also I feel the engine working much harder. Mechanics have told me I can't change just the clutch. Yet...
I have a dual a/c on a 2005 Mercury Montego driver side gets cool passenger side does not get cool at all.
Took car into the shop and had the system flushed and Freon recharged and hoses replaced. Neither of these two things seemed to fix the problem. I then took the car back into to shop and had the compressor and clutch...
engine will not start changed plugs intake manifold gaskets map sensor three coils fuel body gasket fuel filter
I've had replaced plugs, coils, and 2 oxygen sensors. No improvement. From a standing start going uphill the car seems sluggish, but doesn't miss. Tires are new with less than 5000 miles. Any advise would help
Just yesterday I replaced the water pump and thermostat. The heat still blows cold. Now when I turn on the defrost I feel warm air as long as the vegicle is moving. But at an idle both defrost and heat blow cold.