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i have recently purchased my 2009 mercury milan. The next day i got a oil change on it and two hours after getting the oil change done my lifter started making a fast paced ticking. and i believe it is because it was run so long on almost no oil what so ever that that is why it is making the noise. please help need to fix very soon. I have checked the oil and their is plenty of it in their not to much and not to little

For the last week I can not connect to my Sirius xm. I get an error message sat fault. How can I fix this?

Why would the air get cold when the heat is on when you are stopped but as soon as you start driVing again the air get warm again

The heat stops working it blows cold air instead of hot air but it works fine when you are driving the car

The seat will not move forward or back. It will move up, down and recline. How can I manually adjust the seat to the proper position?

Just noticed it today

Purchased the car new. I had to replace the original tires at 33,000 miles, I replaced them with mid-market 60,000 mile tires in November 2011. Today November of 2014 I have 68,000 miles and my tires are BALD, 0 tread and not wearing evenly. Could there be another issue causing this? :(

The heat wouldn't work and the check engine light came on. The temperature gauge for the enginge (?) is getting to hot very quick as if the engine is going to overheat. My car also is making a sort of 'clicking' noise while driving.

Battery needed a jump (less than 2 yrs old) After successful start, Pos. battery cable was removed to clean and replaced. Now the car will start but will not move. Is there a way I can rest the connection?