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we would need to look at this to see if the rear slides were lubricated properly at the time of your service. You may want to contact the installing dealer for warranty repairs.
They r not smoking a lot but I smell something like steel burning I had pads and rotors put on 2 days ago.
2006 mercury Milan Pads & rotors
The humming noise stops when I'm not driving.
driving car and just died. cranks but wont start codes Po305 351 353 355 356
Light switch in proper position engine running, hand brake off,in gear.
the computer reader does not read nothing they say is a fuse on the electric system ,but can not find a bad one.
Throttle block and throttle sensors are impacting 2005 and up on Mariner, Milan, Fusion and more but not any TSB or recalls can be found. My 06 only has 71,000, codes are P2112 area. Replaced cheap tires cost $800+, f...
2006 Mercury Milan hesitating and emission system light is flashing. It almost stopped in traffic this evening. What could be the problem.
One said it could be my engine(motor) mounts are going out? How much would that be?