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My mechanic changed the fuel pump already. While trying to start it, it turns but just don't start.
There are four oxygen sensors on a 2000 Mercury Grand Marquis. Are the front two the same part? Are the back two the same part? Or all all four sensors a different parts?
Auto will not go into park it goes into reverse. when going into drive there is alot of play within the shifting lever. Have to find neutral to start car. Can I make repair by removing underneath of steering wheel cov...
Also replaced intake manifold and starter. The engine runs good and is quiet the car has 228,250 on it. Please Help!
this Grand Marquis has been doing this for probably two months sometimes it'll strand my wife for 10 maybe 15 minutes and it'll just crank over and not start. Sometimes or most of the time it'll just fire right up no ...
ECU no codes, tune up, filters,plugs. hesitates on slow acceloration. Drives great under load. pronounce shifting at 40 mph accel or decelloration. I think trans due to SCT Programming I installed 2 years ago
sometimes they will park, sometimes not..lately, not at all
Turn the engnition key to start and there is no noise of ant kind
What settings do it go on maybe I'm setting it wrong
The light only came on infrequently at first, but is on more often as time progresses - during the midle of the night with the door shut. I suspect that the pin switch has worn out. Is that likely? Is it something a p...
my headlights and low light tail lights will only come on when the car is off and the headlight switch is turned on. dash lights and the interior clock light wont turn on at all. I just bought an LCM so i know it is n...