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2001 Mercury Cougar 4CYL 2.0L - Already changed the thermostat and gasket but still have a leak, I think it may be the thermostat housing. Do I have to go to the dealership to to get a new one or do they carry them at...
I have replaced the ignition coil, cams shaft senor and crank shaft sensor. It tries to crank but will not turn over.
I replaced the TSS sensor and engine speed control sensor check engine light went out but when i put in gear car wont move till i rev it to 3 or 4 grand. ABS and O/D lights flash on dash. A PCV valve hose is leaking a...
Recently did complete tune-up, incl. motor craft plugs, wires, pcv valve, intake gasket. car runs great when a/c is off. When A/c is turned on, however, engine skips and misfires. Car has 5-speed transmission. I would...
replaced battery alternator mega fuse on firewall still not charging. took alt back off took to check it is ok.
Where do I put power steering fluid in? I don't know where the hole is for it under the hood.
i need the diagram for my timing belt
The car has a sunroof and I realized that the fiberglass portion of the headliner is falling out. I think it screws in but not sure how to get to it without destroying the rest of the headliner. Need to resecure it....
It goes up/down with driverside controls but wont roll up with the passenger side controls it will only roll it down. Took the switch out and it seemed alright by apperarance. Put it back in and still only rolls it do...
When I put my car in reverse and press on the gas the car doesn't move and the engine revs up and then will start to back up. Do I need a new transmission?
where is the ignition control module located besides just on the fire wall more specifically
look for the orifice tube in the air conditioning system. a picture of the system if you have one. an how to remove the orifice tube.
Passenger window operates as it should with the drivers controls. Goes down with the passengers control but wont roll up. I replaced the switch thinking it was a no brainer. What could be the problem?