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I've noticed a rather loud clicking noise coming from both the passenger and driver side. It sounds like it is either coming from the door or under the dash. Noise persists when radio is off. It seems to cease once I ...
Brand new spark plugs and spark plug wires. No weird sounds. No security issues.
Tried to shift into reverse, but won't shift back to reverse or park from neutral
I bought my car about a year ago. Ran great until one day heading home everything lost power and it died. Got new battery and alternator. Six months later, here we are again. Last time though, it died and I couldn't r...
When I start my car it immediately revs itself up high and then idles low. It repeats this process by itself until it eventually cuts out. It also does the same thing when I come to and stop and will rev up while driv...
The clutch is shot and the check engine light is on.... problem is constant.... tom
If I remove the door lock and have key made to fit and then programmed after for the car will this work? and if so I could use some directions to remove the lock cylinder in the drivers door