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My heat only works for a short period of time then it turns cold. No heat!!! What's the problem?
My key will not go in.? Its like something is blocking it. The bell sounds but the key only goes in a third of the way and the steering wheel is locked.
It starts in any gear it will move then stop is this a bad transmission or something else
Can I use the one with two rails and what do I need to connect it
bottom, back,left of engine there is a plug in. ..mine had nothing plugged into it. ..it's it a knock or oil sensor?
the car doesnt make a noise when i do this, or vibrate. when i rev the engine, it just barley moves forward. the clutch is adjustable but im wondering if i have to replace the clutch or fix it by adjussting it
They broke my sway bar link and hub when fixing control arms And they charged me for them.The shop said they would do the work free if I bought the parts and then says he did not say that when I went to get my car he...
new: battery,alt.,starter,ignition module,all relays in engine compartment( battery starter alt.,fuse link wire);locksmith confirmed the (PATS)is working
I tried an O2 sensor, still jerks. Transmission fluid is full, I can't find the problem can anyone help me?
Need directions on the best way to replace the ABS module on a 1999 mercury cougar 2.5
I need to know how much a computer will cost me in my 99 cougar. Please help! Will it affect my driving? Someone explain please
car has a rough idle,gray smoke form the exhast. exhast smells like gas. car has been sitting for 4 years
My car ran great until the other day the lights sarted dimming and flickering and then cut off , i bought a new alternator and new battery and still the battery light is on which is the same thing it did last time be...
OK so my car ran great didn't have a problem until the other day my battery light came on so I got a new alternator and charged my battery....it ran for a hour and I lost my radio than speedometer than all the digital...
I have had the car looked at and the mechanic said this is what I need to do.