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I changed all 4 calipers new pads and rotors all the way around took it around the block and the same two brakes front driver and rear passenger locked up again. I was wondering is anyone knows if this year cougar 199...
I can't get my socket down to grip the plugs, since I read something about a stupid cover for a '95 & a '99 merc cougar, I'm wondering if I have to deal with this - just to change spark plugs.
I'm using extensions and have done hundreds on tune ups, but these dang plugs never seem to loosen to be removed. The plug holes are so deep so you only see the tip of the plugs by leaning very far over the engine. I...
The oil was very low. Should I be out of oil again because I am hearing a high pitched sound coming from the motor that I ussually hear when it's out of oil. What could the problem be? The last time it was low on ...
every time I put brake fluid in, the light goes off after driving about 14 miles.It then comes back on. What is wrong?
when i put it reverse it back up then when i put in drive it still drove in reverse, now it wont move in any gear
replaced oxy sensor, plugs, changed oil, 2 new injectors
It keeps kicking off & on the air condtioner on it does so I need to change the filter on it.
we are trying remove the fuel pump.
The Auto parts store read the codes and told me that they needed replaced.
Jumped out the brake switch still no lights. Parking and head lights are OK.
If you can,I'll need full details or step by step how to do this.You see I had a minor stroke and working or fixing things seems to have gotten not so easy to do and I can't seem to find a book on my car.
The car will not start but will turn over, this just started last night. The car hasn't had any other known problems, this was even a surprise.
The brakes went out to almost nothing, so I bought new lines, and brake fliud, but the right side won't bleed out. What's wrong?